Flash Mob Wedding Reception

Hey Mom,

I belong to the greatest Jerusalem group. Someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to throw a flash mob wedding reception on campus. The plan of attack was to have everyone show up at 11:50 am (right when class gets out) and pose a fake wedding reception on one of the busiest locations on campus. Well with a quick meeting and a couple of emails we pulled it off. Who else could or would do something like this? The goal was to get into BYU's Police Beat which I'm sorry to admit didn't happen, but we definitely garnered some extra attention. All in all it was a success.

Only at BYU, and only my Jerusalem group.


President Tanner, VP of Academics, was one of our first guests and looked really perplexed.

The line.

Our server/originator of the flash mob idea.

Random student taking pics of the happy couple.

The legitimacy was all in the details so yes we definitely had a cake, food, music, engagement pic, flowers, a color scheme and a guest book.

The best man's speech.

Cutting of the cake. I played the violin most of the time. Aren't you thrilled all my lessons paid off?

The first dance.

Tossing of the bouquet.

So the cops didn't show up and we were forced to call the police on ourselves. When an officer finally showed up my friend below asked if he would like a dinner mint-never breaking character. So fantastic! The cop didn't know what to do. He took his license as protocol but nothing big happened.

The Facebook attention post-reception.