A Halloween PS

Oh Mom,

I totally forgot to include this pic from the Annual Family Pumpkin Carving Contest. To my and CJ's dismay we didn't win-actually we didn't even place. Call it inappropriate but I thought we did a really great job being creative with the crack that came with our pumpkin.





Guess who I was for the work costume party? That's right, your fav politician Mrs. Pelosi! I know you're proud:) On a serious note though, I had to pay homage to my 2008 costume of Mrs. Clinton. I figured since she lost the presidential race maybe I could work my magic in 2010. I think all the Republicans out there should thank me personally. Maybe for Halloween 2012 I'll be Obama....


PS-You may tell your conservative friends to send their support to Princess Di. I will accept money in all forms as changing into a black man might prove costly.

2008-Hillary Clinton, Obama Girl, Sarah Palin, John and Cindy McCain. In case you were wondering, yes I am disgusted that both years my hair has been more than perfect for my political roles.