Well me and my man eater cohorts took a little trip down south to get away from the coldness of Provo. It was amazing even with some mishaps like getting pulled over (twice but talked my way out of a second speeding ticket), a tire blow out, a lack of a campsite, a lack of matches, etc. etc. Good thing we kept getting help from random men like true damsels in distress. Examples below....

1. It sucks to get speeding tickets but I knew I was guilty and I kind of think Chief Barry thought my willingness to accept the consequences was endearing. He did write me down for only going nine over and he let us take a picture with him and his sweet stache.

2. This wasn't just a flat. This was like a tire explosion. We were already in the middle of fixing it when this guy pulled over but it was nice of him to finish it off for us. And thanks to Earl, the only guy in Green River who had the right tire size.

Not sure why it looks like we're holding hands because I definitely wasn't.

Not sure why Olivia has her hand on his shoulder. Hmmm?

3. Forgot the matches. We're super cheap (and tickets and tires are pricey) so we went to Motel 6 to try and bum some off of them when one of the tenants said he had an extra lighter in his truck we could have. Thanks for the light random man!

4. Going along with the cheapness we talked these guys down to a child's price to rent bikes. The owner said he had never done that before but who could deny the bargaining skills of three experts?

5. Last but not least, we didn't have a campsite but ended up paying a guy 12 bucks and some smores for two nights right next to the Colorado River. Since we never got a pic here's a shout out to Lloyd, his friend we nicknamed Cortez, the guy on unemployment, and the reserved dude who didn't mind that we squealed whenever we saw a mouse.

Oh and making lemons out of lemonade I noticed that I had mice poison in my trunk but only because it was under the spare. Had we not gotten a blow out we never would have been prepared for the furry creatures.



ps-Olivia i know you're going to read this. Viktoria and I miss you tons!!!!!!!!!!! Best weekend of 2011 soon to be topped by San Fran!!!


This is what I do on the weekends....

I work on movies. And I get to do the most random things like herd sheep, build bridges, get thrown onto beds, and find creative ways to transport things with my car. Definitely beats a 9-5 job, well minus the whole not getting paid thing:)
This was up Provo Canyon. We had to get the entire crew to surround these sheep to get them to stay. I'm sure we were disgracing real sheep herders but at least we got the job done eventually.
This is as sketchy and precarious as it looks. By the end of the night when ice formed I was crawling on my hands and knees to get across.

White trash or practical?