Well it's been sooo long since I've documented my life.  I know this is being written to an audience of about five people but I am my most important audience.  This is the closest thing that I'll come to scrapbooking for right now.

Whoot, whoot! Made it to London Heathrow at 9am our first day ready to walk the heck out of our shoes. 

Legit English raspberries!!

 Me in Hyde Park. 
 Me in front of crazy Buckingham Palace. 
Okay so we stayed with a really awesome LDS Family and this was their place.

Me at the Arc de Triomphe. 

 Swarovski, where the stairs glitter. 
 McDonalds has French Macaroons!!
 Me at the Louvre.
 Me in front of the Mona Lisa. I still don't know why this painting is one of the most famous in the world but it was cool to see I guess. Oh and I was one of the few people there.  My sister was like, "When we went in the summer I hardly got a glimpse of the painting."  I guess there are huge perks to training during the colder months. 
 This is what I call lunch in Paris.  Laurderee had a Lemon Basil Macaroon that was awesome!
 This is St. Chapelle's Church.  The whole thing is made of stained glass.  To me it was cooler than Notre Dame. 
 Lots of Nutella. 
 Lots of chocolate. 
 Lots of crepes. 
 Eiffel Tower action. 
 Okay so my friend and I didn't even go up in the Eiffel Tower.  Lame but we were tired, the lines were soooo long, and it was expensive.  Instead we had fun just walking around.  I guess they have this traveling teddy bear show where each country recognized by the U.N. had a person design a bear.  It was actually really fun and more entertaining than the actual Eiffel Tower. 
 These are pics of the Palace of Versailles. Very impressive. 
 Panoramic view from the back. 
 K, so Marie Antoinette had her own country village built just about a mile away.  It was very charming. 
 One of the only pics of Melanie and me. 
 And this pretty much sums up Paris for me.  Baguettes and groups of men standing around doing nothing.  Oh and our kind of sketch hotel called hotelF1. 
 After five days of no sun it finally came out right as I flew to Budapest to meet my friend Chase. 

 Above is a Holocaust memorial on the Danube River.  It's a bunch of shoes of Holocaust victims that were shot right there and whose bodies were left in the river. Below is a view from the other side of the river.  It was quite the magical little city. One of my favs. 

 I guess they serve Bibles in the vending machine. 
 They had a massive Christmas festival.  Oh and I wish I had taken a pic but Chase and I went to our first legit opera for only 3 euros.  It was awesome and boring all at the same time. 
 Hostel living with Chase.   Twice I accidentally got put in a room with only males.  Don't tell Adam:)
 We rented a car and drove to Italy the next day.  Driving in Europe was so, so, so fun!  Seriously driving a stick on their roads was a highlight.  

 Our Thanksgiving meal where we got offered wine.  
 The best spaghetti I've ever had. 
 Me on a water taxi. 

 This was one of my favorite cities.  The Swiss Alps are breathtaking.  They actually aren't that different looking than Utah but just more grand.  I loooooved our little mountain hike. 

 I probably wouldn't go back to Zurich again because there isn't a ton to do but they did have a very great Christmas feel to the town even in November.  
 We ended the trip with a high five and thumbs up as I boarded my 12 hour bus to Paris all alone.  So sketchy! 

 I went back to Paris for a day and took an English speaking French macaroon baking class.  It was extremely expensive but very worth it!