Nightmares and dreams are coming to pass...


1. I'm turning into Ben. Broke my camera and lost my Book of Mormon in the Orson Hyde Garden. I'd like to think the latter mishap was more of divine intervention than anything else. I mean in a country where we aren't allowed to share any aspect of our religion, I just lost the keystone of it. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe Diana the Great is supposed to usher in a new dispensation of time.

2. After all my making fun of your sideburns I now have my own. Sad.

If I never return because of my new calling here I want a pinata at my commemoration.

All my love,


ps-this one is for cal-cal. love ya bud!


This is my I love foreign countries...


So I went with a group to the post office one day. No one there spoke English to help us except for an older man, Ibrihim, who could obviously tell we were foreigners so he came to our aid. We started talking to him and it turns out he is part of an organization that seeks to spread the message of peace as seen from the pic below.

As the conversation continued he gave us his card and told us to come visit him. Gold! I love talking to locals. Before he left we asked him where we could find a bridal store because we wanted to try on Israeli dresses for fun. Turns out his organization collects lots of clothes and over the years he has accumulated lots of wedding dresses and told us he would give them to us when we came over. Turns out he wasn't lying. A group of us went to his house a few days later to be welcomed by all these wedding dresses on the ledge of his patio. As creative students that we are some of us decided to wear them to dinner. Pictures say more than words so enjoy!


This is a view from his uber-nice home. Sad thing is you can see the wall just beyond the valley.

There were even enough for the guys.

At the Jerusalem Center...

Couldn't keep a straight face as usual.


The Rest of Egypt

Hey Mom Hey!

And now, the reeeeeest of the story, said of course with Paul Harvey voice. I suppose you never thought I would pick up all the NPR listening in the car growing up. Anyway, really this is the rest of my Egypt trip. The following are my favs.

First, the KARNAK TEMPLE. Incredible. It's massive and pretty and super cool. Oh and apparently the hieroglyphics are very similar to temple stuff. Coincidence? I think not.

Second, the CAIRO CITADEL. Equally incredible. I actually decided this mosque is where I want my wedding reception. I'm thinking if I hold out long enough you and dad will get desperate and fund any type of wedding as long as I get hitched. Now working with the Egyptian Muslims is going to be another thing.

Third, climbing MT. SINAI. We got up at 2:30 that morning and climbed to see the sunrise. Soooo cold but sooo worth it! Probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.

from love from,



Who Says I Can't Flirt?


Remember that day when I was in high school and you said, "Diana, do I need to give you flirting lessons?" Yeah, totally embarrassing. Still, despite the fact that for the most part I don't care I must say that whatever I'm doing currently seems to be working. My first lesson with Israeli solders? Pretend to be interested in their weapons and play the American card. They love it.


me + possible Israeli son-in-law:)

ps-kyle, aren't you glad i finally got my hands on a machine gun?


Egypt 1

Minha Mae,

Egypt was muito bom. Had a blast. I think pics speak better than words though so here you go.



My first camel ride. Way fun. Also ironic because lots of people here call me Dirty Di after the song and my camel's name turned out to be Michael Jackson.

The group.

My little leader dude picked up this piece of plant, handed it to me and said, "Marijuana." I don't know about your drug intelligence but it doesn't look like marijuana and it smelled like basil so no worries.

THE NILE. Pretty pretty.

K so this is our view from our hotel in Luxor. Thinking back all the nicest hotels I stayed in have been out of the country. I think that says two things. First, I must be staying in poor countries. Two, perhaps we didn't stay at nice hotels growing up? Possibility? I think so.

THE SPHINX. Don't judge. I'm very much a tourist so I had to do this.

THE PYRAMIDS!!! One of the things on the bucket list. Uber cool but I have to say they didn't end up being my favorite part of the trip. More to come later.

Above are my roommates. Below are friends. John is the one on the right and my roommates and I call him "John BFF" because we hang out a lot. Nothing is going happen as I'm sure everyone is wondering;)