A Halloween PS

Oh Mom,

I totally forgot to include this pic from the Annual Family Pumpkin Carving Contest. To my and CJ's dismay we didn't win-actually we didn't even place. Call it inappropriate but I thought we did a really great job being creative with the crack that came with our pumpkin.





Guess who I was for the work costume party? That's right, your fav politician Mrs. Pelosi! I know you're proud:) On a serious note though, I had to pay homage to my 2008 costume of Mrs. Clinton. I figured since she lost the presidential race maybe I could work my magic in 2010. I think all the Republicans out there should thank me personally. Maybe for Halloween 2012 I'll be Obama....


PS-You may tell your conservative friends to send their support to Princess Di. I will accept money in all forms as changing into a black man might prove costly.

2008-Hillary Clinton, Obama Girl, Sarah Palin, John and Cindy McCain. In case you were wondering, yes I am disgusted that both years my hair has been more than perfect for my political roles.


Flash Mob Wedding Reception

Hey Mom,

I belong to the greatest Jerusalem group. Someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to throw a flash mob wedding reception on campus. The plan of attack was to have everyone show up at 11:50 am (right when class gets out) and pose a fake wedding reception on one of the busiest locations on campus. Well with a quick meeting and a couple of emails we pulled it off. Who else could or would do something like this? The goal was to get into BYU's Police Beat which I'm sorry to admit didn't happen, but we definitely garnered some extra attention. All in all it was a success.

Only at BYU, and only my Jerusalem group.


President Tanner, VP of Academics, was one of our first guests and looked really perplexed.

The line.

Our server/originator of the flash mob idea.

Random student taking pics of the happy couple.

The legitimacy was all in the details so yes we definitely had a cake, food, music, engagement pic, flowers, a color scheme and a guest book.

The best man's speech.

Cutting of the cake. I played the violin most of the time. Aren't you thrilled all my lessons paid off?

The first dance.

Tossing of the bouquet.

So the cops didn't show up and we were forced to call the police on ourselves. When an officer finally showed up my friend below asked if he would like a dinner mint-never breaking character. So fantastic! The cop didn't know what to do. He took his license as protocol but nothing big happened.

The Facebook attention post-reception.


In the Past Two Months I....

Dear Mom,

In the past two months I went on a 20 mile hike with Jerusalem friends.

And then I got poison oak.

Went to a Matisyahu concert. He's a....well, reggae, rap, Hassidic Jewishish musician. It was free and it was crazy. My friend and I got clobbered as we were forced to the front. Girls were passing out until they were crowd carried to security so they could be taken away. And my shoes broke as per usual so my feet took a brutal beating.
Apparently Maybeline doesn't hold up in concerts.
My friend Emi and me afterwards. Our friends were pretty sure she got second hand high.

Replaced my brakes pads and the rotors while still wearing girly clothes. It wasn't all my myself of course but under the tutelage of my manly Jerusa-friend Bryan.

And I got a job with health benefits!! Thank you State of Utah.





This is the only proof I have that I worked on a movie this summer. Got this in a random email from someone I worked with. It does look like Mars doesn't it?



Dr. Quinn Dork

Dear Mom,

So you've expressed concern that the film industry doesn't provide health benefits (this is somewhat false by the way as getting into a union would fix that) but did you know about post-production gifts? Today I got a nice surprise of 100 buck gift card to Amazon and I wasn't even expecting it which was the best part. And guess what I purchased immediately? THE COMPLETE DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN SERIES! Yeah I'm a total dork but you still watch M*A*S*H so we all have our indulgences.

Last week my friend posted something on facebook about remembering her young self wanting to be the chick from the X-Files. That made me think about what I wanted to be when I was younger and then it hit: Dr. Quinn. I've often wondered what attracted me to this show as a 10-year-old. I'm pretty sure part of it had to do with the gorgeous Sully. I guess I've always had a thing for older guys:) Anyway, I immediately started watching them online and it brought back great memories. Apparently I still had the theme song memorized. In fact, I think I remember trying to figure it out by ear on my violin. Talk about obsession....

Any child could identify the good looks right?





Please make me a pair of cute overalls. I know they are coming back into style-I just know it (see pic above)! I'm looking like I just stepped out of the 6th grade a la late 90's. At least I was wearing a hipster hat.



Dear Mandi

So this is my first non-dear mom post but I was perusing some blogs on my spare time when I came across your confession about you blog stalking friends. I hope this is one of them (not for selfish reasons of course:) but because I'm now dedicating a post to you so I hope you see it


That's all really.



I looooove to make films!


By far the best quote of the week at work was from one of the Assistant Directors. It went a little something like this:

8 AM
"We're missing an apache. I called all the hospital and the prison and he's not there."

This is exactly what it sounds like. Our missing stunt double actually did show up in jail because of a fake ID.




Mom, Mom

Can you hear me? Do you copy? So I told you I made it to Moab, but did I tell you I have a rockin' room all to myself at the super classy Motel 6. It's only been two nights but I definitely own this room.

Grandma wouldn't let me leave without a bag of food complete with caffeine and chocolate. Gotta love my namesake!




Job Search Continues


I'm hitting new lows when it comes to the job looking. Read below. You will probably have to click on the pick to enlarge the text. Oh and just an fyi, our biceps got cut off.



After all those violin and piano lessons this is what I come up with for the Talent Show...

Seriously, I really do want a Furby. Especially if it has a kippah and forelocks.

Tel Aviv

Dear Mom,

So apparently the only countries that recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel are Costa Rica and El Salvador, well and Israel of course. So random. Anyway, if you (and others) didn't know Tel Aviv is actually the capital. We all spent one magical day here free from school, adults, and basically any semblance of real life. I swear sometimes it feels like I'm on a different planet here but I loooove it!



Dome of the Rock in sand form.
So a popular T-shirt here is stamped with this image below. It contains the symbols of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. We thought we'd get a little more specific though with our sand designs and add in the Salt Lake Temple. You'll have to click for more details.

My roommates Chelsi, Allison, and Elizabeth.
BFF if you ever look at my blog you'll know I stole this photo from you and am claiming it as the fake sunset that happened on the day I went. Same beach right??

Galilee Part Dos

Dear Madre,

Explanations below. Enjoy...or be jealous:)



I think it's funny that people used to make fun of me for dropping to the floor anywhere but now look at the trendsetter I am. This is how I feel all the time.
Center of attention as always. I've noticed I'm really well liked with the elderly.
Okay I had to post this one because I thought you would appreciate it. Basically I'm sick of the same clothes and I am in the pursuit of bringing back overalls/suspenders. So whenever we'd sit down on field trips I'd just whip out a needle and thread and go to work on my black dress while wearing it of course.
Finished product below.

On the Mt. of Beatitudes

The only thing awesome about ancient ruins is being immature with them. This is a bunch of public toilets if you can't tell:)