Viktoria's Birthday

Long story short, Viktoria, myself and a few friends were supposed to celebrate her big 25 in Vegas at the Celine Dion show. Well to our dismay it was cancelled and Vik's dreams of seeing her live were squashed. I thought that if we couldn't go to Celine then she might as well come to us. Yes this celebration was a little ghetto/homemade/cheesy but hey it's the thought that counts. And how many people can say they went to a fake Celine Dion concert for their 25th birthday??

Enjoy the pics!

Bryce your fav introducing the show.
CJ loving the red carpet too much. Not a surprise.
The Lewis' love Viktoria (Lynette, Jennie, Taryn and CJ)
The audience.
Our guest of honor.
The Celine shirt came thanks to Grandma Smoot. She reminded me that it was 40 dollars:)
Smiley face is Adam.

My guy friends are always trying to hit on Jennie.


Dr. Di, Trailer Park Woman

So remember when I asked for some pajamas and you gave me your Mickey Mouse moo-moo? Well I don't really wear it but it proved to be a useful garb tonight after some hot-tubbing. My roommates said I look like a pioneer woman who had to get up in the middle of the night to milk the cows. I'd like to think that I am a doctor (Dr. Quinn) who has to get up in the middle of the night to save a patient. My trucker hat and cowgirl boots really add some charm:)


White Elephant

I felt like I participated in a dozen of these parties last month but this one was my favorite. Since I was the only Lewis representative at the Smoot gathering I thought you'd like a little preview. Leave it to your family to get a little PG-13:)

Of course I got stuck with this...finding Nemo wood thingy. How innocent:)