Phil Dunphey Yo-

Learned how to change my oil today and did it all in a leopard snuggie. The overalls and rain boots are a usual part of my Saturday attire. Yes mom, that is a boy teaching me and no we are not dating so put your cell phone down right now and don't bother calling.

My friend had to do a profile assignment for an art class and used me as part of it. He's a kick-butt artist but I think the best part of this painting is the fact that I realized my hair has a curve! Whoot, whoot!! A few months ago it was just a fetus-tail but 3.5 inches has to merit a real pony-tail title.

oily/curved pony di


Film Appreciation

Dearest Darlingest Momsy and Popsy (if he even reads this)-

I'm sure you two didn't realize but I stole Dad's Minolta from his miss. a couple of years ago and have been using it ever since. Digital is great and I'm the number one advocate of efficiency, but despite some of the grainy images below I think there's a magic that only film can capture...literally:)


Below is actually a pic of CJ. I ran into him randomly at a Stake Party where they were giving out free food and glow sticks. The funny thing was neither of us were in that Stake.

Some of my favs from DC.

Above: Washington Monument
Below: The day after Obama was elected. The Newsuem downtown put out the front covers of major newspapers around the country. I think the rest are self-explanatory.


My Birthday

Dear Mom,

I'm not an uber-proactive blogger but I figure since I've been lying about my age for the past year I might as well do a post on my 24th birthday and update my blogger profile. I guess now I can start telling people I'm 25.

Annnnyway, last year on the eve of my b-day Twilight 2 aka New Moon came out and although I'm not a vampire aficionado I figured it would be fun to go to the midnight showing with friends. This year was 10x better though because Harry Potter 7 Part 1 came out. I started out buying 20 tickets but in the end purchased 48 thanks to Jerusalem people (with the intention that everyone was going to pay me back so no worries). Needless to say it was fun and we took up a big portion of the theater.

Enjoy the pics!

Below: This is a friend from Brazil who happened to be sitting behind me. It made me laugh because while we were there our group went to see Harry Potter 5. We had lighting bolts drawn on our foreheads and fake wands. I remember walking around the streets of downtown Sao Paulo dressed as Hermione saying, "Alohomora" and pointing my stick at people.
Some people got a little more into the dressing up. The closest I got was being swaddled in my snuggie. Last year I got a hot pink and leopard snuggie from two guys who didn't coordinate. Way random. But anyway, at New Moon I got up in front of the entire audience (surprise, surprise) in my snuggie and told everyone it was my dream to conduct the wave in a theater full of people and since it was my birthday I requested that they make it come true. Of course I had to do the same thing this year. Turned out well.
Last year....Maybe next year I'll be more mature but that's pretty unlikely.