A Post Script to the T-shirt

This is amazing. The pic below is of the receipt that came with the shirt. I didn't notice until I was about to throw it away that something was written on it. Dad now has two people on his side: me and "Cheers Man." I have no idea who he is and the fact that I ordered it from San Antonio, TX should prove to be even more random.


John Lewis for Congress

So Dad's Father's Day present finally came in the mail and I am stoked!! I know he would die before wearing it in public and it might end up on a quilt one day, but I'm hoping he adores it as much as his Creamery shirt, which btw was paid for by extra $$ I had on Dining Plus back in the dorm days so really he paid for it but his adoration is endearing nonetheless-read below.....
I'm also hoping that it might bring some inspiration for a future in DC. I might just drop over dead if something like that happened.

Real quick. I was hanging with Grandma Smoot today when she informed me that she'd been married for almost 58 years. "Whoa, holy cow," I said. "I didn't realize it had been so long. What do you think you're going to do for the big 60?"

"Get buried," was her response. "I've got so much junk in this house. When we die we'll be up there laughing at all of you."




Mom, I may not be betrothed in real life but I got me a nice mountain man, three kids, and a homestead this particular weekend at this Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman photo shoot. Leave it to me to organize something weird like this. But as event planner guess who got to be the star? Yours truly. Enjoy the pics!

MATTHEW, BRIAN, and COLLEEN-my adopted kids and of course our horse SUNTAN:)
DAVID-The fiance who died in the Civil War....or so we all thought! He really does have an eye patch in the show.
Eye Patch David or chest baring Sully?
And the winner is SULLY-Mountain man extraordinaire who always appears at the right time and with a shirt that seems to show more of his tanned chest with each passing episode.
SNOW BIRD-Wife of Cloud Dancing who couldn't make the shoot (it's hard to find people of color here).
DORTHY-BFF of Dr. Mike and town newspaper editor.
MYRA-The town's.....Jezebel?? She's depressed because Hank, the saloon owner, won't let her out of her contract so she can marry Horace, the town's endearingly nerdy telegrapher.
THE REVEREND and ROBERT E.-Like I said, we had problems finding people a little darker than our group so my friend Elizabeth used a lot of makeup to mask the whiteness. So glad she used overalls to become the Blacksmith.
MATTHEW and INGRID-The town's Swedish immigrant who eventually dies of rabies. They were officially engaged at one point though with the ring that Eye Patch David gave Dr. Mike.