Surprise in Sacrament

So I pick up a copy of the program and our ward's really intense monthly newsletter. I mean it's printed in color and shiny paper for goodness sakes!! Well I started perusing through it while the announcements were going when I gasped at what I saw.

Our ward has never done this before so I'm totally flattered that some guy (he spelled her last name incorrectly so I'm assuming it's a male) thinks I look like Rachel from the 90's even though I don't see any resemblance. I'm just happy it wasn't one of the Hilton sisters who I get regularly. Definitely an awesome surprise in the middle of sacrament meeting!



Family Funnies

To be honest I really wish this blog just had stories about how funny I think our family is instead writing posts to keep you updated on my life since I know you don't do the facebook thing. For example, I've got a very good friend who loves to count how many white trash tendencies I have like how I can take a nap on any concrete sidewalk, walk into his house with a blender in my hand drinking a homemade smoothie because I just didn't have quite enough time to pour it into a cup, use wheel chairs in department stores when I'm tired of walking, eat some of my groceries before I've purchased them because I'm just too famished to possibly continue, etc. etc. Don't be offended but I usually tell him that I'm practically biologically inclined to do those things because of how I was raised. And I'm not saying that you ever taught me to sleep on the ground or eat my meals anywhere besides the dinner table but let's get real here, all the sneaking into hotels two by two as to not appear as if we're stuffing an entire family of 9 in one room, or making chocolate ice cream from vanilla and Nesquick because apparently it was too expensive to buy chocolate in bulk, has definitely rubbed off on me. That being said, I would need an audience to write about the family to make it worthwhile and since I think only a few siblings, a Jerusalem friend, and a couple people from home read this I'm kind of out of luck. But, I will take a quick opportunity to write a couple of family funnies that you aren't privy to being in Arizona. So here are some favorites of 2011 so far: 1. GRANDMA SMOOT -I went on a little run up to the house and she insisted that I run back home with a chicken sandwich and cookie. I tried to resist but she's really persuasive. And this is a pic of my new cleaning bucket. She said she couldn't find my old plastic one and improvised with a Pepsi container.

2. CJ-Okay I don't know how he's gotten away with not getting harassed by the older siblings or Tanner for that matter but he is really loving his floral design class....like maybe too much?? He said he'd give me give five bucks if I could name all the flowers and I lost it at Peruvian lillies. The second picture is his bicep adorned with henna tattoo. He was really proud of it and wanted it to be a surprise but said I could put a pic up in the meantime in case it fades before you get here. He still can't explain what "Someday Mom" means. Maybe "someday mom" I'll do accounting....are we allowed to joke about that yet?

3. JENNIE-This one is just a quote, and please don't be mad. Ever since I found out Ed was sneaking out I couldn't help but think that I've been a bad example for the younger kids. Anyway, Jennie called me from school one day and said, "I'm going to be just like you and not get married until I'm 25." Whoops.

4. DOUG-This weekend I called to see how he was liking conference when he said, "Deedee you know Loreli asked Luke to marry her on Gilmore Girls. You can totally do that." K, you probably don't know what this means but basically Doug, our too pragmatic for anything girly med student, has fallen for the quintessential estrogen filled TV show of the 2000's. In fact, I called yesterday to ask a question when he said I would have to call back because I was interrupting his latest episode.

5. ME-So yeah I'm still working on the overall thing and was pleasantly surprised to find a cohort in male form. Yes, his was in a costume for this Jewish party thing and I was just there for free food (notice treats in my front pocket-so practical) but still it's a step in the right direction for overalls to make a comeback.

That's all. I hope this has made you laugh a little.