Black Friday

Dear Mom,

Yesterday I had my first experience with Black Friday. It wasn't as scary as I thought though my initial impressions of ruthless, caffeinated moms proved to be true. Anyway, you would be proud. For every 100 dollars spent Target gave a 10 gift certificate in return. Good deal right? Well with a few hundred dollars worth of stuff there was no way we would stand for only 10 dollars back. After getting up at 4:30 in the morning Target owed us so naturally, the most effective to get what we rightly deserved as consumers was to go through the line multiple times. Ethical? Totally. And I think you would agree:)



PS-The pictures are of me celebrating. The santa trunnel is extremely unflattering to my body. No I have not gained weight in case you were wondering.
PSS-Lauren got 65 dollars in Target cards. Whoot Whoot!

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