Flying with Ice Cream


No one loves logistical achievements like me. So obviously I take a ton of pride in the fact that I was able to transport two cartons of ice cream from AZ to UT on my latest flight without it turning into a messy milkshake.

Here's the story. My really good friend served in Texas and fell in love with Blue Bell ice cream. He's raved about it a number of times and honestly, I was skeptical until I tried the chocolate at Lauren's over Thanksgiving. Delicious. The company only sells it in select states one of which happens to be our great state of Arizona (and obviously not Utah) only solidifying my opinion that it is the best state in the Union. Plus, I purchased it in Gilbert so Dad should be happy I'm supporting local businesses.

Well after a few calls to Sky Harbor, the SLC Airport, and TSA I found out that you can totally take ice cream in your checked luggage. With a little help from a few pounds of dry ice and some tight wrapping of one of my jackets to act like a cooler, the cartons made it safely from Gilbert to Provo making me one very proud girl and one very happy friend.


ps-I'm at the hospital right now with Grandma and the nurse asked, "Are you one of her granddaughters?" I replied by saying, "Yes, one of many." Well I guess I didn't speak clearly enough because she thought I said my name was Minnie. I thought it would be fun to go along with but I didn't realize we we going to have a full conversation about Minnie Mouse and how much I liked her:) It just happened so I thought I would right about it because it made me laugh when he walked out of the room.
See totally frozen. Go me!


Annie said...

Dear Minnie,
Glad you finally were able to make your friend happy. Me and blue bell are BFF's. Go Arizona and Texas!

ps. Does Blue Bell Boy need to be your next boyfriend?

G.O. Garrison said...

1. update your blog
2. I'm making ice cream this very second.
3. I will see you in 23 minutes.