Driving Miss Ann


Okay I'm not the biggest fan of having more words than pictures in a post but I think this one calls for an exception. Long, long, long, story short, I drove Ann Madsen, wife of Truman G. home from the airport today. She told me all about her devotional she had just given at BYU-Idaho giving amazing insights on the sacrament while still showing her connection to the young adult world by referencing NCMO, aka non-committal make-out in case you didn't know that.

Afterwards she invited me into her house as we talked some more over fresh squeezed orange juice. Could my life have gotten better at that point?? Afterwards she showed me around her house when I discovered she owns a Mac too. I said, "Oh, I knew we'd get along, you're an apple person!" She replied, "Oh I love my Mac. You know, you never hear PC have that much pride." So with the NCMO reference, the Mac, and the fact that she was wearing Uggs I was completely old lady smitten.

Anyway, this brings my meaningful encounters of church celebrities to a big whopping two. Speaking of, I want to sign off on one more thought. I was reading my old journal of when I ran into President Monson in Grandma's living room and apparently (I don't remember this-thank goodness for journals) he toasted to my future with a glass of grape juice. Yes!!! My life is complete! I felt a renewed sense of purpose. So while you are freaking out about what my plans are I on the other hand can't think of anything that seals my fate with a divine kiss than a toast of grape juice-drink of the gods, or drink of President Monson at least:)


PS-Since I've got impeccable celebrity manners I did not ask for a photo soooooo here are a few from a recent Dr. Quinn watching. I'd make a great missionary for the show. There are definite converts in Provo.

So happy.....
We love you Jane Seymour.

The clapping is real. They want to belong to the church of Dr. Quinn.

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