John Lewis for Congress

So Dad's Father's Day present finally came in the mail and I am stoked!! I know he would die before wearing it in public and it might end up on a quilt one day, but I'm hoping he adores it as much as his Creamery shirt, which btw was paid for by extra $$ I had on Dining Plus back in the dorm days so really he paid for it but his adoration is endearing nonetheless-read below.....
I'm also hoping that it might bring some inspiration for a future in DC. I might just drop over dead if something like that happened.

Real quick. I was hanging with Grandma Smoot today when she informed me that she'd been married for almost 58 years. "Whoa, holy cow," I said. "I didn't realize it had been so long. What do you think you're going to do for the big 60?"

"Get buried," was her response. "I've got so much junk in this house. When we die we'll be up there laughing at all of you."


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G.O. Garrison said...

LOL. Why didn't you allow me to spend more time with Grandma Smoot when I was in Provo? How dare you withhold her histericalness from me. When I see that you update your blog, I get excited beyond belief. Please do it more often so that I have something to get excited about in life.