Neon Bachelorette

This summer I got called to be an FHE mom. It's the calling that I've been pining after for years and I wasn't going to waste it on boring lessons and cliche activities. Now the neon light thing isn't that novel but what about the neon light thing topped with the season finale of The Bachelorette? Huh? Huh?? My kids all looked so sucked in! Am I a sinner or a saint? I mean essentially the principles of the show are the exact same as any singles ward. Get married and get married fast. Oh and look your hottest while doing it. Anyway, we really bonded this night so I feel justified in the lack of....shall we say "wholesome" activity?

Maybe we should have been watching the ever more appropriate Mormon Bachelorette, which btw is a real thing. I should probably apply. I feel like my spiciness would be appreciated.

Princess Di-wait, or should it be St. Diana: Bringing unorthodox activities to Provo, UT one FHE group at a time????

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