The Dirty Dash

Hey Mom Hey!

So the Dirty Dash is basically what it sounds like...a race in the mud. We had about 30 on our team and together tried to channel never-nudes from Arrested Development for our outfits. There were dozens of us!! I know you won't get that pop culture reference but just think of any form of jean cut-offs which provided the perfect opportunity to run in my overalls. Anyway, enjoy the pics. CJ was in this too. We tried to make it a family event but Jennie was studying as per usual.

Dirty Di

Let's just say someone thought he was going to be wheel-barreled the whole way because of an injury. I don't think it lasted more than a few hundred yards.

Now you see him...
Now you don't.

Pretty sure the Slater's wouldn't approve of Tyler's outfit.

Oh and here is the new girl of CJ's dreams.....

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