Weekend in a Ghost Town

Hey Mom hey! So guess what I was doing a few weeks ago? Working on a little film project as per usual.

And hanging with Jerusalem friends while doing it. So long story short my friend who is a film student wanted to make a fan trailer for a new book that was coming out. It's bestseller and the author is actually a BYU professor. Anyway, I'm proud to say that I secured this sweet and free location in Kanab with a little ingenuity and a lot of help from Google. It's an old movie set/ghost town. It was actually used for several episodes of Gunsmoke so super legit, right? And also super dilapidated but I guess perfect for what we were doing.

We had a ton of fun and the best part was that it was only a weekend and pretty renegade style-my favorite. Below is a pic of Stevo. I convinced him that the best birthday present in the world would be for him to write his autobiography and give it to me. He's one of those friends who has amazing stories like getting a free trip to Europe paid for by a uber shady guy from Italy that he met on his mission that goes by four different names. Or one of my personal favs was when he hung out with a homeless guy for a day. That could probably be a book in and of itself. So anyway we did a little photo session to get the cover of his book. Looks like a guy you'd want to hear stories from right??

All in all it was a kick butt weekend and here's the final product:


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