Amjad and the Dome of the Rock


So this actually happened on our first free day which was about two months ago but whatevs. So to get our bearings we walked Rampart's Walk which goes around the old city on the tops of the walls. Before we even started my group met a guy named Amjad. He was born Jordan but lives in Jersey. He speaks fluent Arabic and English which turned out to be a huge advantage with the vendors. His parents still live in Jordan and he was actually here to get an arranged marriage (well actually he is married now) and admittedly he convinced me it was a good idea. Again, be prepared for a future Israeli son-in-law:)

Anyway, he asked if he could hang out with us for the day because he didn't have anyone touring with him. It was great because we were clueless and he knew the area well. After the walk we saw the Dome of the Rock. It's the Muslim site that commerorates the almost sacrifice of Isaac on Mt. Moriah. Not only is it gorgeous but it's also supposedly on the exact spot where the Herodian temple was that was destroyed in 70 BC by the Romans, at least according to the Jews. Actually it's basically the same spot where the City of David was established, Solomon's palace/temple was built, and where Christ was crucified. Anyway, if you know anything about the last days you can see why this would be so controversial because the Jews want their temple but if they touched the Dome of the Rock we're told that it would be the start of WWIII. In fact, the other day we were on lock-down from East Jerusalem because after throwing rocks at people some Muslims locked themselves in the Dome and the the Israeli soldiers couldn't get them out because they aren't allowed to go inside. The conflict is soooo bizarre and I think the only way this conflict will end is with Christ. I honestly do not see any hope. This is of course after only two months. I'm sure my very limited knowledge, compared to experts on the subject, is meaningless but it's my opinion nonetheless.

I'm digressing. After the day was over Amjad invited us to his aunt's home to eat dinner. Again, this would only happen in a foreign country. He paid for our taxi there and back, provided one of the best meals I've had here, and opened his aunt's home to perfect strangers. It definitely made a good impression on the hospitality of the Arabs and helped us get to know the culture quickly. Enjoy the pics.


View of the markets


I feel like I don't put enough pictures with me and other people and I want to be sure that you know I'm really popular here. Basically people want to be around me all the time. I've had to make severe sacrifices with my alone time but I guess that's the consequences of being well liked:)

John BFF, Dan, and Dan

Saying goodbye outside their really nice house

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