Nightmares and dreams are coming to pass...


1. I'm turning into Ben. Broke my camera and lost my Book of Mormon in the Orson Hyde Garden. I'd like to think the latter mishap was more of divine intervention than anything else. I mean in a country where we aren't allowed to share any aspect of our religion, I just lost the keystone of it. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe Diana the Great is supposed to usher in a new dispensation of time.

2. After all my making fun of your sideburns I now have my own. Sad.

If I never return because of my new calling here I want a pinata at my commemoration.

All my love,


ps-this one is for cal-cal. love ya bud!

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Elizabeth said...

Hello, Diana!
I love your camel picture. I can't wait to see the ones of us from the Purim Party!