Remember how I want to live on a farm this summer? Ba-hahahahahahaha. I still think it can happen but admittedly I think I just want to be a celebrity in a small town a little more than I actually want to "learn how to work." Three warm summer months of fame is all I need. But who am I kidding here? I grew up with you!! I know how to work!!! That being said, it's a new year and I'm not in school anymore which means I've got a little more time on my hands. My goal? Grow-up.

Now it's true (at least according to Lauren) I'm probably never going to be as mature as CJ or gosh, maybe even Jennie, kind of like Ben will never be more mature than Doug (again Lauren's words not mine). I call it youthfulness, some call it maturity. Whatever. Still, I certainly have some things I could do to help my case, like actually folding my laundry so my socks match, learning how to cook real meals, wearing lipstick on occassion, being on time for things, and ta-da....doing a budget.

The only bad part about the latter is that I realized last week I'm spending way too much of my paycheck on gas. So I decided to do the grown-up thing, suck it up, save money, and take the bus to work which means getting up at 6AM. Oh good heavens, even typing that makes me kind of dry-heave, sort of like I want to throw-up on anyone who smiles at me this early too. Below is a pic of how exactly I feel.
And since I think I chose the coldest week so far this winter, I've morphed into the consummate bag lady, piling on as many layers as possible to my body and carrying an odd amount of things in my hands. Basically I have to take a little bit of the bathroom, kitchen, and make-shift office I have with me. Add that to a bike and I definitely am looking a little homeless. Plus, I don't think the unmatching mittens are helping my case. Still working on the laundry thing:)

In this weather I would actually consider copping out and taking my car but long story short, it's in the shop for a couple of things. So if I wasn't going to do this I think God would have compelled me anyway. I almost asked Ray if I could put on my overalls and watch him work on the contour. You know, in my dreams of being an auto-mechanic and all I thought it would help. I wouldn't wear my snuggie of course as I think adults don't wear those in public. Actually maybe adults don't wear those at all....

Well I'm going to get back to sneaking my chocolate pudding for breakfast in the back of the bus. Following the guidelines of UTA is definitely not on my list of things to work on in 2011.


your wannabe celebrity farmer/mechanic extraordinaire/
very youthful/somewhat grown-up daughter (at least for this week)

ps-thank goodness for free wi-fi-a huuuuge blessing on this dismal morning


Stephen & Lauren Reber said...

Love the picture--you almost look like Mom in her snow gear.

Annie said...

Uh-Oh. You do look a little like Mom. Marian the 3rd!

Douger (the mature twin)