Phil Dunphey Yo-

Learned how to change my oil today and did it all in a leopard snuggie. The overalls and rain boots are a usual part of my Saturday attire. Yes mom, that is a boy teaching me and no we are not dating so put your cell phone down right now and don't bother calling.

My friend had to do a profile assignment for an art class and used me as part of it. He's a kick-butt artist but I think the best part of this painting is the fact that I realized my hair has a curve! Whoot, whoot!! A few months ago it was just a fetus-tail but 3.5 inches has to merit a real pony-tail title.

oily/curved pony di


Mandi said...

I'm so amused by this outfit creation Diana. Suprised? No, I know you all too well!

Love you! Thanks for the giggles!

Stephen & Lauren Reber said...

Fashion disaster or new trend??? I have to ask, it's been a while since I've been to BYU.