Tel Aviv

Dear Mom,

So apparently the only countries that recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel are Costa Rica and El Salvador, well and Israel of course. So random. Anyway, if you (and others) didn't know Tel Aviv is actually the capital. We all spent one magical day here free from school, adults, and basically any semblance of real life. I swear sometimes it feels like I'm on a different planet here but I loooove it!



Dome of the Rock in sand form.
So a popular T-shirt here is stamped with this image below. It contains the symbols of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. We thought we'd get a little more specific though with our sand designs and add in the Salt Lake Temple. You'll have to click for more details.

My roommates Chelsi, Allison, and Elizabeth.
BFF if you ever look at my blog you'll know I stole this photo from you and am claiming it as the fake sunset that happened on the day I went. Same beach right??

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