Galilee Part Dos

Dear Madre,

Explanations below. Enjoy...or be jealous:)



I think it's funny that people used to make fun of me for dropping to the floor anywhere but now look at the trendsetter I am. This is how I feel all the time.
Center of attention as always. I've noticed I'm really well liked with the elderly.
Okay I had to post this one because I thought you would appreciate it. Basically I'm sick of the same clothes and I am in the pursuit of bringing back overalls/suspenders. So whenever we'd sit down on field trips I'd just whip out a needle and thread and go to work on my black dress while wearing it of course.
Finished product below.

On the Mt. of Beatitudes

The only thing awesome about ancient ruins is being immature with them. This is a bunch of public toilets if you can't tell:)

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