Galilee Part Uno

Dear Mom,

Internet is being lame so here's part one of Galilee. Without a doubt it was the best R&R I've ever had. Enjoy the pics!

-love, me

ps-I'm leaving for Jordan tomorrow. Turkish bath here I come!

This was the view outside of my window in the kibbutz. You're fear is slightly coming true because I would love to stay in one of these for a few years.
This is Megiddo. Huge OT site as well as the future location of Armageddon.
Below is on Mt. Tabor which is where the Transfiguration of Christ took place.
More creepy mannequins in Tiberias.
So I was convinced that the Jerusalem Center has the best view of any chapel in the world because it looks over the Old City but this might be a close second. This is the small church building that serves the Tiberias Branch and what is looks over is the Sea of Galilee.
On the roof of the church. Feel free to comment on my nicely bronzed skin.
This is the Jordan River. We were fortunate enough to see a session of mass baptisms.
Thank goodness for real ordinances and warm baptismal fonts:)
Around this area they had similar scriptures in different languages. Please read this one closely and laugh.

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t.t.turner said...

DIANA! Your blog is amazing! How have I not seen it before?! I absolutely love that final photo, it's hilarious. I covet your hair. :)