Jericho and Judea

Momma Mia,

I'm wasn't captured by Hamas. I'm just in Egypt right now and don't have a lot of access to the internet. Also, you're Amber Alert thing said I was 22. False! I'm 23 and actually everyone here thinks I'm 24 so start rounding up would ya?

As you can see from the pics I was at the lowest point on Earth today. Oh and I cut my hair the night before I left. Not only is it shorter than it's ever been but I'm back to my natural hair color. I'm thinking that would work best in the kibbutz that I'm destined to live in for a few years:) To be honest, the tel (it's the archaeological remains of a cilivization) is not that big. My friend said, "No wonder the Israelites went around so many times-there was nothing to do around."

The Judean Wilderness has been my favorite part of the trip so far. No surprise that it has something to do with nature and not a historical site. It's insane and I wish I could take a long camping trip in it but I'm pretty sure the center frowns on that. We shall see.



Jericho,-it's definitely a desert oasis compared to the rest of this land.

The Wilderness

A bunch of Bedouins

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Lawsy said...

AMAZING photos.

miss you!