Egypt 1

Minha Mae,

Egypt was muito bom. Had a blast. I think pics speak better than words though so here you go.



My first camel ride. Way fun. Also ironic because lots of people here call me Dirty Di after the song and my camel's name turned out to be Michael Jackson.

The group.

My little leader dude picked up this piece of plant, handed it to me and said, "Marijuana." I don't know about your drug intelligence but it doesn't look like marijuana and it smelled like basil so no worries.

THE NILE. Pretty pretty.

K so this is our view from our hotel in Luxor. Thinking back all the nicest hotels I stayed in have been out of the country. I think that says two things. First, I must be staying in poor countries. Two, perhaps we didn't stay at nice hotels growing up? Possibility? I think so.

THE SPHINX. Don't judge. I'm very much a tourist so I had to do this.

THE PYRAMIDS!!! One of the things on the bucket list. Uber cool but I have to say they didn't end up being my favorite part of the trip. More to come later.

Above are my roommates. Below are friends. John is the one on the right and my roommates and I call him "John BFF" because we hang out a lot. Nothing is going happen as I'm sure everyone is wondering;)

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Annie said...

I have had to open this post for Callin 3 different times now in the past 2 days. After we stare at the 2 camel pictures for 10 minutes, he asks me for another 10 minutes (following me around the house) if he can pull the Camel. Then he makes it back to the computer and asks you for another 10 minutes. "Deedee, I wana pull the camel." It is awesome. Thank you for keeping my 2 year old busy for about 30 minutes! Any future camel pictures would be much appreciated!