Who Says I Can't Flirt?


Remember that day when I was in high school and you said, "Diana, do I need to give you flirting lessons?" Yeah, totally embarrassing. Still, despite the fact that for the most part I don't care I must say that whatever I'm doing currently seems to be working. My first lesson with Israeli solders? Pretend to be interested in their weapons and play the American card. They love it.


me + possible Israeli son-in-law:)

ps-kyle, aren't you glad i finally got my hands on a machine gun?


redneckzilla said...

I'm not your mom... I don't know if I can comment. But your blawg is awesome. I'm totes jealz.

Mandi said...

Is that guy checking out your butt? LOL! I love you Diana!

Stephen + Lauren Reber said...

hmmm...i think he is checking out your triple b.