This is my I love foreign countries...


So I went with a group to the post office one day. No one there spoke English to help us except for an older man, Ibrihim, who could obviously tell we were foreigners so he came to our aid. We started talking to him and it turns out he is part of an organization that seeks to spread the message of peace as seen from the pic below.

As the conversation continued he gave us his card and told us to come visit him. Gold! I love talking to locals. Before he left we asked him where we could find a bridal store because we wanted to try on Israeli dresses for fun. Turns out his organization collects lots of clothes and over the years he has accumulated lots of wedding dresses and told us he would give them to us when we came over. Turns out he wasn't lying. A group of us went to his house a few days later to be welcomed by all these wedding dresses on the ledge of his patio. As creative students that we are some of us decided to wear them to dinner. Pictures say more than words so enjoy!


This is a view from his uber-nice home. Sad thing is you can see the wall just beyond the valley.

There were even enough for the guys.

At the Jerusalem Center...

Couldn't keep a straight face as usual.

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Annie said...


Random, but I love it! Quite the flirt you are! Who is the cute blondish guy you are staring down at the dinner table?

Glad you are coming to terms with the whole white dress/wedding thing!