The Rest of Egypt

Hey Mom Hey!

And now, the reeeeeest of the story, said of course with Paul Harvey voice. I suppose you never thought I would pick up all the NPR listening in the car growing up. Anyway, really this is the rest of my Egypt trip. The following are my favs.

First, the KARNAK TEMPLE. Incredible. It's massive and pretty and super cool. Oh and apparently the hieroglyphics are very similar to temple stuff. Coincidence? I think not.

Second, the CAIRO CITADEL. Equally incredible. I actually decided this mosque is where I want my wedding reception. I'm thinking if I hold out long enough you and dad will get desperate and fund any type of wedding as long as I get hitched. Now working with the Egyptian Muslims is going to be another thing.

Third, climbing MT. SINAI. We got up at 2:30 that morning and climbed to see the sunrise. Soooo cold but sooo worth it! Probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Conor said...

Uhhh.. what's that dud behind you looking at??

Conor said...


Conor said...

speaking of flirting, Mindy & I found a guy that falls within your very particular constraints of dateable dudes. His name is Calrk Goldsberry, very cool guy... He bought my car from me (after you apparently rejected it) and he even has a good friend there with you in Israel. Forgot the friends name unfortunately... Anyway, facebook him. He awaits your newly found flirting forte.

Stephen + Lauren Reber said...

guess you might just have to practice flirting with the Egyptian muslims now...when you come home you can teach "International Love Languages: 101"